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Skye, 6 months


Call name: Skye
Sex: Female
Born: 2020-11-09
Sire: Ok-Bleuy
Dam: Raceheart's MB Butterfree
Reg. number: SE63178/2020
Colour: Blue with white markings
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 13,7 kg
Breeder: Jinny Balogh, Watch'em
Origin: Sweden


DNA-profile: Embark 2021
Myostatin deficiency: N/N (clear)
Teeth: Scissors bite, full dentition

Skye, my keeper from my first litter ever bred. I had a hard time choosing which puppy to keep but finally I chose Skye because of her size, exterior and her temper; she was one of the calmer ones in the litter. So far she’s been quite an easy puppy, not destroying things, house broken before the age of 5 months and a fast learner. She, however, inherited her mother’s kangaroo jumps and loves to jump up in your face and sometimes even nip your nose. The nipping has calmed down with aged, luckily! How any dog can be this crazy happy is beyond me. Skye loves everyone, strange dogs included, and when someone walks past our garden she follows them all along the fence with a smile and wagging tail. She doesn’t seem to grow into her tongue which is very long and usually hangs out. She uses it a lot too, for kissing.

At just over three weeks of age she pulled and shaked a blanket, and she was very eager when I trained the whole litter to play with the lure. She has gotten to chase the lure short distances a few times already and she knows exactly what to do. Skye will be great fun as a racing dog in the future! Unfortunately she can’t be bred from because of the health issues in her litter but I love her so much already that she will stay here and live a full, happy life at full speed – without her own puppies.

Jinny, May 2021

Oval track


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320 m 22,14 s 2021-11-20
272 m 18,35 s 2021-11-13

Whippet race

About whippet race

As the name suggests, whippet race is for whippets only (other breeds are welcome at practice) and is a straight race run on grass, ending in a sand pit. The length is 137,5 m, or 150 yards. The dogs run four at a time in red, blue, white or black shirt and are required to wear a leather muzzle.

On competition day dogs will run two heats determining in which final or semi-final they will participate. The four fastest goes to the A-final, the next four to B-final and so on. Most of the time they are divided into males and females but mixed competitions occur as well. For more information about whippet race in Sweden, visit the official website.


Best times

Halmstad: 9,36 s 2021-10-16
Kalmar: 10,00 s 2021-09-04
Karlstad: 9,99 s 2021-08-21
Norrköping: 9,41 s 2021-09-26


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