May 10th, 2024

Imagine Dragons 2.0

Karcsi, 5 years

Dévaj 1976 Catch Me If You Can / Karcsi

Champ Supersonic – Dévaj 1976 Only You
Myostatin N/N, eyes VD, heart clear

Dóra, May 2024

Raceheart's MB Butterfree / Bellamy

Damien Rice Cinpress – Axrace’s Wake Up Call
Myostatin N/N, LTV1, SP0, VA0, HD B/B, eyes clear, heart clear

There’s so much to say about this lovely dog. First of all, she is my dream dog. I got her on a whim but it was love from the beginning. Bellamy is an intense dog (for a whippet) and she is not soft. Don’t get it wrong, she is a very kind girl, loves to cuddle and wants you to pet her at all times if possible, but she can also stare off another dog from the lure and she doesn’t back down if someone messes with her. She has got an intelligence and will-to-please that makes her fun and easy to train and she would never say no to any activity. At the same time she also occupies the couch in typical whippet style poses such as her legs in the air or curled up as a cinnamon bun.  I truly am lucky to have gotten such a great dog, to share my life with every single day, whatever I do and however I feel.

Read all about Bellamy on her page.

The Puppies

Kapten, 1 week

River / Kapten

Brindle and white male | Myostatin N/N

Flinga, 1 week


Brindle and white female | Myostatin N/N

Vegas, 1 week

Warrior / Vegas

Brindle and white male | Myostatin N/N

Skugga, 1 week

Bullet In A Gun / Skugga

Black male | Myostatin N/N

Gulliver, 1 week

Underdog / Gulliver

Brindle male | Myostatin N/N

Socks, 1 week

Walking The Wire / Socks

Black and white male | Myostatin N/N

Åska, 1 week


Black female | Myostatin N/N

Scarf, 1 week

Symphony / Scarf

Black and white female | Myostatin N/N

Smokey, 1 week

Smoke And Mirrors / Smokey

Brindle male | Myostatin N/N

Honey, 1 week

Higher Ground / Circus

Brindle and white female | Myostatin N/N