… to Watch’em Whippets. This is an FCI registered kennel located in southern Sweden. On this website you can read all about my dogs and their results (mainly from racing) and my puppy plans. The first litter was born on November 9th, 2020! For quick updates check out Watch’em Whippets on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram posts


Babsan is in season and in a few days we’ll be headed to France for a date with Milo! All of the dogs’ results are updated continueously.

Babsan has a lot of new health results, all positive. Updates are being made throughout the page continuously, especially the dogs’ results.

Babsan has been added to the website. Skye’s page is updated as well. Check out the puppy page for the new litter announcement!

During the last weeks I have continuously updated the website with some new pictures and texts.

The puppies were moved to their litter page Imagine Dragons and Skye got her own page (both pages are still in working progress). Sadly we lost two of the puppies a few weeks ago, Blake (Feel The Thunder) and Bibbi (Whatever It Takes). It was posted on Facebook at the time. All other puppies moved to their new homes in January.

Updated the puppies’ galleries with several new pictures. They are all sold!

I finally uploaded some pictures the puppies’ galleries. They are over three weeks already!