EXPECTED December 2021


Elektra's Voodo Talk at Kentfield / Milo

Vitesse Talk Is Cheap – Elektra Barossa De Kentfield Quixand
Myostatin N/N, heart clear

Milo is not only a great racing champion, he is above all a fabulous pet, easygoing, affectionate, always joyful and enthusiastic for all exercises. He is often stubborn but so endearing. He enjoys cuddling and he worships food. During racing competitions he was a strong competitor who never gave up, trying to impress other competitors before the race by clapping his jaw. However he is absolutely not conflictual and a funny thing is he loves taking care of puppies.

Cecile, May 2021

Tre Hjärtans Britta / Babsan

Goat-Wool Zeppelin – Axrace’s SIA Pistacia
Myostatin N/N, LTV1, SP0, VA0, HD B/B, eyes clear, heart clear

Babsan is a cozy, kind and fun whippet girl. She will rarely leave a person’s side and she is completely crazy about the kids and will follow us upstairs every evening for toothbrushing and the bedtime story. At night Babsan will not leave the bed and if she can she will sleep on the pillow.

Read all about Babsan on her page.


  • Milo x Babsan, litter ad