Born 2020-11-09

Imagine Dragons

Ok-Bleuy / Bleuy

Gomez van de Spaarne Meute – Farnese
Myostatin N/N

Bleuy is a very beautiful model of whippet and from a character point of view he is 100% cuddly and kind, and very clean even as a puppy. He has no aggressiveness towards other dogs, he also has a will to win on the track, but is totally cool even in front of the starting box. He loves going walking  for hours and never tires even when training by the bike. Bleuy is very obedient except when there are hares or cats; he likes to chase them… The only ones races he lost was after his injury, he finished fourth in the 2019 European Championship after leading the final for 200 m, then he got a muscle tear. He remains the only whippet of the last 20 years who has managed awards like his, he is unique. So far all his babies are calm and good runners on the track.

Chris, October 2020

Raceheart's MB Butterfree / Bellamy

Damien Rice Cinpress – Axrace’s Wake Up Call
Myostatin N/N, LTV1, SP0, VA0, HD B/B, eyes clear, heart clear

There’s so much to say about this lovely dog. First of all, she is my dream dog. I got her on a whim but it was love from the beginning. Bellamy is an intense dog (for a whippet) and she is not soft. Don’t get it wrong, she is a very kind girl, loves to cuddle and wants you to pet her at all times if possible, but she can also stare off another dog from the lure and she doesn’t back down if someone messes with her. She has got an intelligence and will-to-please that makes her fun and easy to train and she would never say no to any activity. At the same time she also occupies the couch in typical whippet style poses such as her legs in the air or curled up as a cinnamon bun.  I truly am lucky to have gotten such a great dog, to share my life with every single day, whatever I do and however I feel.

Read all about Bellamy on her page.

The Puppies

I Bet My Life / Humlan

Brindle and white female • SE63173/2020
48,5 cm • 15 kg
Myostatin N/N
k09 • m11 • l15

Ready Aim Fire / Safir

Blue and white male • SE63174/2020
51 cm • 14,8 kg
Myostatin N/N

Bad Liar / Loka

Blue and white female • SE63175/2020
50,8 cm • 13,6 kg
Myostatin N/N
k07 • m08 • l11 • BPH with gunshot

Believer / Aston

Brindle and white male • SE63176/2020
50,5 cm • 14 kg
Myostatin N/N
BPH with gunshot

It's Time / Blixten

Black male • SE63177/2020
53,5 cm • 17 kg
Myostatin N/N • Idiopathic epilepsy
Deceased 2022-02-12 due to seizures

Birds Fly High / Skye

Blue female • SE63178/2020
50 cm • 14 kg
Myostatin N/N
k08 • m13 • BPH with gunshot

Radioactive / Nissa

Brindle female • SE63179/2020
47,5 cm • 13 kg
Myostatin N/N

On Top Of The World / Banksy

Black and white male • SE63180/2020
52 cm • 16,8 kg
Myostatin N/N
BPH with gunshot

Born To Be Yours / Luigi

Blue male • SE63181/2020
55,5 cm • 17 kg
Myostatin N/N
k09 • m12 • BPH with gunshot

Feel The Thunder / Blake

Black female • SE63182/2020
Myostatin N/N
Deceased 2021-01-14 due to idiopathic hyperlipidemia

Whatever It Takes / Bibbi

Blue and white female • SE63183/2020
Myostatin N/N
Deceased 2021-01-17 due to idiopathic hyperlipidemia