MB Aayla


Call name: Aayla
Sex: Female
Born: 2017-12-01
Sire: Isac v. Dia-Robinne
Dam: Axrace's Wake Up Call
Reg. number: SE12161/2018
Colour: Black with white markings
Height: 49,2 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg
Breeder: Mike Berglund, Raceheart's (Sweden)


DNA-profile: Embark 2021
Coefficient of inbreeding: 0,39% (5 gen), 17% (DNA)
Myostatin deficiency: N/N (clear)
Teeth: Scissors bite, double tooth (I1+I2)

Aayla, sweet little Aayla. The kindest, most humble dog there ever was. She is sweet, nice, funny and can not be still for too long. She loves to run and play and is the favorite playfriend for my oldest son. She would never pull the leash, not even on the track and still she is the most keen of all my dogs. Aayla loves that lure and will nip at it through her muzzle. She is a bit careful and when she started training on the oval track I thought she would be scared of the machine but I was so wrong. She just ran without hesitation. Aayla still surprises me, among other ways with how obedient and kind she is. She nearly always goes off leash in the forest and mostly she will just stroll calmly behind me and when Bellamy has run off Aayla stays with me. When we were out just the two of us and she saw a cat I just called her name and she went to me, not caring about it. She is the easiest dog in my everyday life and I think everyone would want at least one Aayla in their life.

But don’t think for a second she hasn’t got a mischievous side to her. When nobody sees she will steal food which once led to a late night tour to the vet to x-ray and make her throw up corn stalk pieces. And if all humans leave the house she will find something and chew on it, even though you thought you hade hidden away everything that was available for a dog to take. Just the other day we found her hugging one of the kids’ toys… Aayla is also a little Duracell rabbit, playing and running much more than the others. If you throw her a toy she will take several victory laps around the garden before giving it back. And again, and again. She plays tirelessly with my oldest son and he loves her dearly and calls her his best friend. Aayla goes a lot to him even though she has always been a bit afraid of children but he gained her confidence and can take her on walks as well (with me supervising of course). 

Aayla is super strong and build muscles fast and easy. Even though she is an unlucky little bird who’s had a several smaller injuries (like sand in her pads or a broken nail) she always bounce back strong and happy. She is a bit short in body but has great width and depth of chest. She is quick and nimble and she finally got to do some more lure coursing in 2020 in which she did very well. Many of her siblings have had great placements such as CACs and titles and her father Isac v. Dia-Robinne was European Coursing Champion in 2015.

Jinny, April 2021


Behaviour and personality description, BPH

Aayla did BPH with gunshot at the age of 23 months and 2 days and in the chart you can see her test summary compared to the breed average. I have tried to translate it to English but it is best understood by reading the full protocol (in Swedish) here.

The purpose of BPH is to contribute to increased knowledge about dogs’ mentality. It is aimed at breeders and at individual dog owners who wants to learn more about their dog’s mental characteristics.

It takes place on a standardized course where the dog gets to experience different situations. The dog’s reactions are described and together they give an idea of the dog’s mentality and personality. The handler, usually the dog owner, walks the course with the dog and get information along the course from the test leader.

– Translated from the website of SKK.

Oval track


34 + 1 races

x 11

x 4

x 4

Photo: Ulf Heiman
301 m 20,70 s 2019-08-25
286 m 19,43 s 2021-08-29
350 m 25,02 s 2020-08-16
320 m 21,44 s 2019-08-11
492 m 34,09 s 2020-06-07
272 m 18,82 s 2020-08-29
460 m 33,37 s 2021-11-13
320 m 21,50 s 2020-07-12
310 m 21,28 s 2021-11-06
515 m 36,08 s 2019-09-07
299 m 20,55 s 2021-08-01
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2021-11-13 Roskilde 460 m 2 33,37 s 1 m20
2021-11-06 Simrishamn 310 m 2 21,28 s 4 k15
2021-10-30 Roskilde 272 m 2 18,99 s 1 k14
2021-10-23 Borås 320 m 1 21,83 s 4 k14
2021-08-29 Gävle 286 m 1 19,43 s 1 k12
2021-08-15 Alingsås 301 m 2 20,75 s 1 k15
2021-08-12 Alingsås 301 m 3 21,22 s 6 k17
2021-08-01 Örebro 299 m 1 20,55 s 1 k15
2021-06-26 Gävle 286 m 1 20,30 s 5 k16
2021-06-23 Borås 320 m 2 22,47 s 4 k17
2021-06-12 Borås 320 m 1 21,65 s 2 k16
2021-06-06 Åkersberga 320 m 1 21,65 s 3 k16
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2020-10-11 Borås 320 m 1 22,08 s 1 k14
2020-09-19 Åkersberga 320 m 2 21,61 s 1 k15
2020-09-06 Borås 320 m 3 21,78 s 1 k15
2020-08-29 Roskilde 272 m 1 18,82 s 2 k14
2020-08-23 Alingsås 301 m 3 21,08 s 5 k16
2020-08-16 Hamburg 350 m 3 25,02 s 7
2020-07-12 Åkersberga 320 m 1 21,50 s 4 k14
2020-07-04 Borås 492 m 1 34,81 s 4 m20
2020-06-28 Borås 320 m 2 21,49 s 3 k14
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2019-11-02 Simrishamn 310 m 1 21,50 s 5 k17
2019-10-27 Örebro 299 m 4 20,62 s 4 k13
2019-10-20 Borås 320 m 3 21,51 s 1 k14
2019-09-15 Borås 492 m 2 34,10 s 6 m20
2019-09-07 Simrishamn 515 m 1 36,08 s 2 m17
2019-08-25 Alingsås 301 m 4 20,70 s 5 k16
2019-08-17 Roskilde 272 m 1 No time 1
2019-08-11 Borås 320 m 3 21,44 s 1 k13
2019-07-20 Roskilde 272 m 2 19,56 s 4 k16
2019-07-13 Simrishamn 310 m 2 21,48 s 2 k17
2019-07-07 Borås 320 m 2 22,08 s 5 k16
2019-06-22 Simrishamn 515 m 3 38,31 s 4
2019-06-15 Örebro 299 m 1 21,52 s 3 k19
2019-06-01 Alingsås 301 m 3 20,96 s 3 k17

Whippet race

Photo: Emma Håkansson

ABout whippet race

As the name suggests, whippet race is for whippets only (other breeds are welcome at practice) and is a straight race run on grass, ending in a sand pit. The length is around 137,5 m, or 150 yards. The dogs run four at a time in red, blue, white or black shirt and are required to wear a leather muzzle.

On competition day dogs will run two heats determining in which final or semi-final they will participate. The four fastest goes to the A-final, the next four to B-final and so on. Most of the time they are divided into males and females but mixed competitions occur as well. For more information about whippet race in Sweden, visit the official website.


Best times

Halmstad: 9,21 s 2019-08-31
Kalmar: 10,08 s 2019-06-08
Karlstad: 9,58 s 2021-08-21
Date Track Type Final time Place
2021-08-21 Karlstad Mixed 9,58 s C-final: 1
2021-08-08 Halmstad Swedish Championships 9,39 s B-final: 3
2020-08-01 Halmstad Mixed 9,50 s E-final: 3
2019-08-31 Halmstad Divided 9,38 s B-final: 3
2019-06-08 Kalmar Divided 10,12 s D-final: 1

Lure coursing

Photo: Lina Martinsson


Date Location Type Round 1 Round 2 Total Place
2022-04-16 Katrineholm National 157 p 167 p 324 p 8/12
2022-04-02 Norra Åsum National 151 p 137 p 288 p 8/17
2021-08-22 Märsta National 156 p 166 p 322 p 7/18
2020-10-25 Katrineholm National 169 p 169 p 2/24
2020-10-04 Mariestad National 151 p 151 p 15/27
2020-09-20 Gusum National 174 p 174 p 5/25
2019-04-13 Hovdala National 143 p 149 p 292 p 11/17

Other results

Date Location Type Class Judge Quality Place
2022-04-17 Malmö International Working Svein Bjarne Helgesen Good
Good type and balance. Well-shaped, feminine head. Could’ve had a more well-defined underjaw. Could’ve had more neck. Protuding shoulder. Topline and underline a bit thin for the day. Very short and falling croup. A bit straight in upper arm. Stride is lacking in length.
2021-03-07 Mellbystrand Exterior assessment Open Benny Blidh von Schedvin Very good
Feminine head, good neck. A bit exaggerated arch of back and a falling croup. Good depth of chest, enough angulation front and back. A bit bound in step and a bit thin fur.