Lucy Locket

Lucy, 8 years


Call name: Lucy
Sex: Female (neutered)
Born: 2015-07-10
Sire: Librium's Perfect Design
Dam: Adagio Sbrisolona
Reg. number: SE44686/2015
Colour: Blue brindle and white
Height: 49,5 cm
Weight: 13,5 kg
Breeder: Stefan Råghammar, Adagio (Sweden)


Coefficient of inbreeding: 7,81% (5 gen)
Back: Arthritis (L7/S1)
Teeth: Scissors bite, full dentition
Other: Cancer (peripheral nerve sheath tumor)
Healthy since spring 2018
Lucy is my first whippet that I’ve had since she was a puppy and she was planned for about a year ahead. I wanted a whippet from that breeder and that female and I was lucky and got it! Lucy is a showbred whippet and was bought just for that – shows. We participated in loads of them in her first two years of life and for my first show dog it went quite well. Simultaneously we practiced whippet race, lure coursing and oval track as well and she had her track license at the youngest age possible of 15 months.

However, 2016 and 2017 were dedicated mostly to shows until August when I found two lumps by Lucy’s ear bases. It was first treated as inflammation but they grew quickly so I took her to do a biopsy and the result were malignant cancer in both lumps. My whole world fell. My lovely Lucy, a deadly disease at just two years old. We went to an oncologist to do a CT scan and the results were not promising. The tumors were on their way to surround her ear canals and surgery would make her deaf. I started looking into all possible ways to fight cancer and found a lot in the way of holistic treatment. I decided to try it all; diet, supplements and bioresonance. Lucy also got massage with electrotherapy and got to come to practice and run as she felt like. Her blood work was taken by the vet and since it was all good and she behaved normally I let her live the best life possible. I prepared her food for hours and bought books, documentaries and supplements from abroad. And believe it or not…

After a few months had passed my partner commented that her tumors were smaller. I wouldn’t believe it but I looked at some older pictures and realised that they actually were! In February 2018 we did another CT scan and they measured the tumors to be smaller than last time. They kept on shrinking until they were invisible. Nobody would believe something like that could actually happen. It was a miracle, but it was not. It was research, hard work, a precisely calculated diet and of course the support of all people who helped treat Lucy that made her live and beat cancer.

She is my miracle dog and she keeps on proving herself. In 2018 she had her comeback on the track and also won her first race that year. In 2019 she improved herself on all tracks she raced at and won several races and had many podium placements. She started the racing season of 2020 by winning her race. When Lucy is at the track she wags her tail all the time. She used to be a serious dog and very disobedient. When we started training nose work in 2017 she wanted to work as little as possible for her reward but during our course she found out she actually loves to work and that made her light up. I could start having her off leash in the forest and until today she will always come when I call and never wander off. She is happy and crazy and always wants to be included.

Lucy happily works for treats but is, as she has always been, picky about people and only let a handful of them cuddle her. The ones she recognizes she will greet and wag her tail to but that’s it. She is also a bit of a bulldozer and will tackle both dogs and people, especially when excited. As many other whippets Lucy loves warmth and will sunbathe on the porch until she pants and she also loves warm, cosy shirts no matter the weather (but she only gets them when it’s cold). She is the best children’s dog there is and is even stupidly nice; letting them crawl all over her or poke her everywhere without walking away so I have to protect her from her own kindness.

She is a beautiful whippet without exaggerations with nice movement. She never loved going to shows though but at the track she has got so much charisma. Lucy is not like most other racing whippets because she does not chase the lure but rather using it as guidance as she races the other dogs. If she is in the lead she will most times wait for the one behind to catch up and then run just in front of or side by side with them. I know, that is not normal at all… But that is also the perfect way do describe Lucy: Different and a bit crazy with a no-care attitude but still so much kindness.

Since getting diagnosed with arthritis between the L7/S1 vertebrae in spring 2021 Lucy is now mainly retired from racing but live her everyday life just as she did before, without restrictions but with some preventive measures. She also gets to chase the lure once in a while and occasionally run some short veteran races since 2023 when she also resumed her show career, but now in Veteran class. With laser and massages on a regular basis she hopefully has a happy and long life ahead of her. ♥

Jinny, December 2023


Behaviour and personality description, BPH

Lucy did BPH with gunshot at the age of 12 months and 27 days and in the chart you can see her test summary compared to the breed average. I have tried to translate it to English but it is best understood by reading the full protocol (in Swedish) here.

The purpose of BPH is to contribute to increased knowledge about dogs’ mentality. It is aimed at breeders and at individual dog owners who wants to learn more about their dog’s mental characteristics.

It takes place on a standardized course where the dog gets to experience different situations. The dog’s reactions are described and together they give an idea of the dog’s mentality and personality. The handler, usually the dog owner, walks the course with the dog and get information along the course from the test leader.

– Translated from the website of SKK.

Oval track


34 + 1 races

x 8

x 7

x 10

Photo: Dietke Wrigge
301 m 21,50 s 2019-08-25
350 m 26,40 s 2020-08-16
272 m 19,85 s 2019-08-17
88 m 7,10 s 2023-09-03
320 m 22,99 s 2019-11-09
492 m 37,08 s 2016-11-19
310 m 22,48 s 2019-11-02
320 m 23,00 s 2020-07-12
515 m 39,20 s 2018-07-27
299 m 21,81 s 2019-10-27
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2023-10-28 Borås 88 m 4 7,25 s 1 s15
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2020-09-12 Simrishamn 310 m 5 22,88 s 2 k24
2020-08-29 Roskilde 272 m 3 20,30 s 2 k23
2020-08-16 Hamburg 350 m 2 26,40 s 8
2020-08-08 Borås 320 m 5 23,65 s 3 k24
2020-07-18 Borås 320 m 2 23,10 s 3 k22
2020-07-12 Åkersberga 320 m 4 23,00 s 3 k21
2020-06-28 Borås 320 m 5 23,27 s 1 k22
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2019-11-09 Borås 320 m 4 22,99 s 2 k20
2019-11-02 Simrishamn 310 m 4 22,48 s 1 k22
2019-10-27 Örebro 299 m 6 21,81 s 1 k19
2019-10-20 Borås 320 m 5 23,25 s 2 k22
2019-10-06 Alingsås 301 m 4 22,63 s 4 k23
2019-09-29 Alingsås 301 m 5 No time 5
2019-09-22 Borås 320 m 4 23,36 s 6 k23
2019-09-15 Borås 320 m 5 23,30 s 3 k22
2019-09-07 Simrishamn 320 m 4 22,60 s 1 k21
2019-08-25 Alingsås 301 m 4 21,50 s 3 k20
2019-08-17 Roskilde 272 m 3 19,85 s 2 k21
2019-08-11 Borås 320 m 5 23,20 s 4 k22
2019-07-20 Roskilde 272 m 4 20,18 s 2 k20
2019-07-07 Borås 320 m 4 23,43 s 1 k23
2019-06-29 Borås 320 m 5 23,32 s 4 k22
2019-06-22 Simrishamn 310 m 4 23,04 s 1 k24
2019-06-15 Örebro 299 m 4 21,90 s 3 k21
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2018-09-08 Simrishamn 310 m 4 23,25 s 3 k24
2018-08-19 Borås 320 m 5 23,70 s 3 k23
2018-07-27 Åkersberga 515 m 6 39,20 s 3 m32
2018-07-24 Åkersberga 320 m 4 23,41 s 1 k24
2018-07-01 Borås 320 m 5 23,44 s 2 k22
2018-06-10 Alingsås 301 m 1 22,67 s 5 k23
2018-05-27 Örebro 299 m 5 22,50 s 4 k22
2018-05-12 Simrishamn 310 m 4 22,56 s 3 k21
2018-05-05 Borås 310 m 5 23,64 s 5 k23
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2016-11-19 Borås 492 m 2 37,08 s 6 m29

Whippet race

ABout whippet race

Whippet race is a straight race run on grass, ending in a sand pit. The length is around 137,5 m, or 150 yards. The dogs run four at a time in red, blue, white or black shirt and are required to wear a leather muzzle. On competition day dogs will run two heats determining in which final or semi-final they will participate. The four fastest goes to the A-final, the next four to B-final and so on. For more information about whippet race in Sweden, visit the official website.


Best times

Halmstad: 9,93 s 2020-08-01
Kalmar: 11,05 s 2016-07-16
Karlstad: 10,53 s 2017-06-10
Norrköping: 10,32 s 2018-08-04
Date Track Type Final time Place
2020-08-01 Halmstad Mixed 10,00 s H-final: 2
2019-08-31 Halmstad Divided 10,01 s E-final: 2
2017-06-10 Karlstad Divided 10,77 s G-final: 2
2016-09-24 Halmstad Derby 10,21 s C-final: 4
2016-07-16 Kalmar Mixed 11,12 s K-final: 4

Other results

Date Location Type Points Faults Time Place Award
2017-07-09 Örkelljunga ORT, bay leaf Approved ORT
2017-04-24 Halmstad ORT, eucalyptus Approved ORT
Date Location Type Class Judge Quality Placement
2024-03-23 Laholm Unofficial Veteran Lydia Gadolin HP BOB Veteran, BIS-2 Veteran
8,5 years. Beautiful wholeness. Excellent type. Feminine, well-cut head and well-shaped eyes. Small, thin rose ears. Balanced angulation in front and rear, somewhat thin chest on the lower part. Excellent top- and underline, nice feet and muscular thighs. Moves well all around. Shiny, nice fur, good temperament. Well presented.
2024-01-14 Göteborg International Veteran Annika Ulltveit-Moe Excellent 4
8,5 years. Thin, pretty ears, very good underline, good neck. Sufficiently marked topline, would wish for better front angles, moves well from behind.
2024-01-13 Göteborg National Veteran Mette Mörkegaard Excellent 3
Feminine, elegant bitch. Classic in her outline, excellent proportions on head and body. Nice, broad thighs, shown well, moving steady and easy.
2023-11-03 Växjö International Veteran Rony Doedijns Excellent, CK 2
Bitch of correct size, 8 years old. Typical in size and proportions. Nice neck, top- and underline. Well developed body. Correct in front and rear angulation. Good feet. Good croup, tailset and carriage. Nice head profile with dark eyes, good pigmentation, good bite, typical ears. Lovely condition. Easy mover. Very well presented.
2023-09-02 Borås Unofficial Veteran Marcus Gisslén HP 1, BOB, BOG-2, BOB Veteran, BIS Veteran
Nice silhouette, well balanced. Beautiful head and expression, scissors bite. Nice top- and underline. Breed typical angles. Substancial body, good feet, well muscled and excellent fur. Moves very well. A really nice veteran.
2018-07-29 Strömsholm National Open Bitte Ahrens Primavera Excellent
3-year-old bitch of excellent type. Somewhat big but still elegant. Beautiful head and expression, correct bite, excellent ears. Good neck, well angulated shoulder, a bit short upper arm. Beautiful top- and underline, strong hindquarters. Moves efficiently from the side.
2017-07-08 Tvååker National Intermediate Åke Cronander Excellent
Very good wholeness. Substancial young bitch with very good head and expression. Nice neck, good body. Somewhat long loin, OK topline, correct angulations. Good legs and feet. Moves well all around.
2017-07-07 Tvååker Interational Intermediate Knut Blütecher Excellent
Feminine and beautiful wholeness. Great type and size. Good head and expression, OK neck. Great topline, good body, harmoniously angled. Good movements from the side, could be more stable to and from. Good fur, legs and feet.
2017-07-02 Borås National Intermediate William Armstrong Excellent, CK 2
Nice quality bitch. Lovely head, adequate neck into shoulders. Very nice topline and good underline. Good hindangles. Slightly close moving away today, true coming towards. Covered the ground in profile. Lots to like.
2017-06-18 Vårgårda National Intermediate Felicity Thompson Excellent
23 months old, pale brindle of nice size. Good skull but would prefer more stop and a little more reach of neck. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Nicely developed hindquarters. Moves freely and soundly.
2017-06-17 Vårgårda National Intermediate Tuula Plathan Excellent, CK 4
A young bitch who is well put together. Correct shape of head and alert expression. Nice lines, good balance and effortless movement.
2017-06-05 Norrköping International Intermediate Birgitta Svarstad Excellent
Good type. Well shaped head and well set ears. Tight topline and well developed body. Well placed croup, good angulations, strong legs and good feet. Moves with good lenght of stride, parallel in front and back. Well presented.
2017-06-04 Norrköping International Intermediate Nicklas Eriksson Excellent, CK 2
Attractive bitch with beautiful lines. Somewhat short neck, good topline. Could be better angulated in the front. Good body, beautiful hindquarters and good bone. Moves well in the back and front. Could move more freely from the side.
2017-06-03 Norrköping International Intermediate Bo Bengtson Excellent
Feminine, very good proportions. Noble head, very good topline. Enough angulations and bone. Well presented.
2017-05-21 Hässleholm International Intermediate Nenne Runsten Excellent
Very appealing wholeness. Good head and expression, harmoniously angled. Good forechest and depth of chest. Nice neck and topline. Moves with low, long and correct strides.
2017-05-20 Hässleholm National Intermediate Helen Wayman Excellent 4
Good head but would like a little more stop. Good front and depth, very good topline. Good rear, short hocks. Good tail and carriage. Moves very well.
2017-04-30 Roskilde International Intermediate Åge Gjetnes Very good 3
Substancial bitch, a bit big, could be a bit more feminine. Good head but wish for somewhat bigger eyes and smaller ears. Beautiful, well-shaped neck, appealing topline and underline with enough depth of chest for her age. Doesn’t have a forechest and would like better angulated upper arm. Well angulated hindquarters, appealing movement from the side and excellent muscle condition.
2017-04-29 Roskilde International Intermediate Marie-Christine Delabelle Excellent, CK 1
21 month old, beautiful type. Lovely bitch with lovely head and expression, ears well carried. Excellent body with a lot of substance. Excellent movement with a lot of drive, very sound.
2017-03-19 Malmö International Intermediate Annica Uppström Excellent, CK, R-CAC 1, BB-3
Bitch of beautiful wholeness. Beautiful, feminine head, beautiful neck and topline. Strong thighs, nice forechest and chest. Excellent angulations all around. Moves with well balanced and groundcovering steps.
2016-12-04 Stockholm International Junior Liz Cartledge Excellent
17 months, shapely youngster with good head and kind expression. Excellent reach of neck, fine coat and deep brisket; just right for body and condition. Well muscled, effortless mover. Handled to advantage.
2016-11-06 Herning International Junior Roel van Veen-Keur Excellent, CK 2
16 months, underweight, good in total shape. Nice head, strong underjaw, good bite, nice eyes and ears. Nice flat skull, good depth of chest and forechest. Well angulated, strong muscles, nice bone and feet. Moves well.
2016-11-05 Herning International Junior Maria Marionka Dekaristou Excellent, CK 4
Lovely head, correct outline and long neck. Nice topline, deep chest, good ribs and very nice angulations. Moves sound and freely, excellent presentation.
2016-09-11 Laröd National Junior Trevor Hiscock Excellent, CK 1, BOB junior, BB-3
I like the look of this bitch. She has lovely, clean lines with curves in all the right places and no exaggerations. Well-made head with lovely expression. Lovely, correct whippet topline and she moves with good reach and drive. Very pleasing.
2016-09-10 Eslöv International Junior Magnus Hagstedt Excellent, CK 2
Elegant and feminine. Particularly pleasing wholeness and outline. Beautiful head and expression, harmonious angulations. Curvy topline and underline. Stable, free movement. Could be a bit more animated when she moves. Well presented, excellent condition.
2016-07-09 Tvååker National Junior Bitte Ahrens Primavera Excellent, CK, CAC 1, BB-2
Very appealing bitch. Good size, beautiful head, somewhat light eyes. Correct bite, good neck, excellent front and rear angulation. Beautiful topline and underline. Moves parallel. Ground covering steps from the side.
2016-07-08 Tvååker International Junior Gerard Jipping Excellent
Almost 1 year. Very nice type with correct topline. Feminine head, parallel in front. Correct front and underline, angulation OK. Very nice movement, correct length of pass.
2016-05-21 Hässleholm International Junior Maria-Luise Doppelreiter Excellent, CK 1
Lovely bitch. Very well proportioned and well developed. Beautiful, typical head, excellent angulations. Moves well from all sides.
2016-05-14 Landskrona National Junior Harold Tatro Excellent, CK 2
Nice, curvy outline. Pretty head, could have a more defined stop. Clean neck into withers. Nice underline, slightly longer casts, sound movement in front and rear. A bit soft in muscle tone.
2016-04-30 Roskilde International Junior Irina Poletaeva Excellent, CK 1
9 months old, still very puppylike but very promising, feminine and well balanced. Correct head proportions, underjaw could be better developed, correct bite, typical topline, good chest for age. Well angulated, moves with good drive.
2016-04-09 Varberg Unofficial Junior Theres Johansson HP 1, BOB, BOG
Appealing, 9-month-old bitch. Beautiful, well-made head, correct bite and excellent ears. Enough angulation in upper arm, excellent depth of chest. Have a little forechest, strong back, excellent croup and knee angulation. Fitting bone, beautiful feet, moves nicely all around. Nice temperament.
2016-03-25 Slöinge Unofficial Puppy Gunnar Furuvik HP 1, BOB, BOG, BIS
Appealing bitch of good size. Long, well-made head with enough underjaw. Fitting eye colour, excellent neck and topline. Well-shaped chest, well angulated in front and back. Parallel in front and back, moves excellently from the side with maintained posture.
2016-03-19 Malmö International Puppy Rainer Jacobs HP 3
8 months. Very well developed bitch of excellent breed type. Very good, feminine head, correct ears and very good topline. Very good depth of chest, correct tail and angulations. Moves freely, already showing herself well.
2016-03-12 Laholm Unofficial Puppy Anette Köster-Lind HP 1, BOS
Feminine bitch of beautiful wholeness. Beautiful, well-shaped head, somewhat light eyes. Beautiful rose ears. Excellent neck and topline, promising angulations in front and back. Good depth of chest, moves with very harmonious movements.
2016-03-12 Hässleholm Unofficial Puppy Jan Törnblom 2
Feminine bitch with appealing head and expression. Dark, good eyes and bite. Good neck, enough angulations in front and back. Good body, topline and underline. Could be a bit shorter in loin. Good croup and fitting bone, moves well from the side. Good coat and colour, nice temperament. Well presented.
2016-02-27 Sätila Unofficial Puppy Johan Sandström HP 2
Beautiful, feminine bitch of correct size. Beautiful head and tight, nice lips. Lovely neck and neck into shoulders. Straight, strong front. Strong pasterns, correct topline and strong hindquarters with lovely drive in movement. Moves effortlessly and freely, nice temperament.
2016-01-10 Göteborg International Puppy Åke Cronander HP 2
Very appealing wholeness. Feminine. Beautiful, well-made head, good neck, well-made front. Very nice substance for her age. Good topline, good angulations in the back, good legs and feet. Moves with a good stride from the side.